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Whenever someone develops a malocclusion and wishes to get it treated, they turn to dental braces. Dental braces are known to be the best and most effective solution to treating even the most severe form of malocclusion. Lucky for us, we no longer have to use braces for a period of a year or two to get rid of the malocclusion. With advanced technology being used in the field of dentistry, the treatment period can be reduced to just 6 months!
Six-Month Smiles Orthodontics Before and After Smile Gallery:

Why should you choose a six month smile?

  • The technology used in a six month smile is highly advanced. The treatment period, in most of the cases, would be limited to just six months. For particularly complicated cases, it may be extended by a couple of months.
  • The treatment solution will be divided into different stages, during which a specific set of teeth will be moved to their desired positions.
  • Six month smile is way more affordable in comparison to other orthodontic solutions.
  • The orthodontic appliances can be customized to match the color of the teeth, thereby helping you maintain oral aesthetics.
  • Cleaning the teeth would be made easier. The chances of the food getting stuck in between the aligners and the teeth are lesser.
  • The pressure applied on the teeth would be well-controlled. This means the treatment would be more comfortable with the braces on in comparison to that with conventional metal braces.
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