Sports Guards and Sports mouthguards at Dr Daniel Tebbi DMD, Cosmetic Dentist in Encino

Being an athlete requires the person to keep their body fit and in shape. For this, they train hard in the field and go through a lot of workout sessions in the process. During this, it could be common for an athlete to injure their mouth, which could break or crack the teeth and cause inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth.

Mouth guards are simple oral appliances that are used to prevent injury to the teeth and soft tissues due to injury. They are made from dental-grade plastic material and can be customized to fit on the teeth perfectly. This way, your teeth would be protected and you wouldn’t even feel uncomfortable with the mouthguard on.

Why should you get a customized mouth guard?

A lot of boil-and-bite and one-size-fits-all mouth guards are available in the market. They do offer protection from injury, but aren’t comfortable to wear. They are often loose-fitting and would repeatedly fall off whenever you talk or open your mouth. Over a period of use, the mouth guard can even lead to a change in the alignment of the teeth and induce pain in the jaws and TMJ. Hence, we recommend the use of a customized mouth guard that is fabricated according to the contour of your teeth. Here are its advantages:

  • A customized mouth guard offers perfect fit and comfort.
  • The soft tissues of the mouth would be protected from impact forces.
  • Unequal stresses wouldn’t be applied on the TMJ or the jaws during its use.
  • Sustaining a high-impact blow to the mouth could damage the teeth significantly. But, with a customized mouthguard on, the force would be distributed equally among the teeth, thereby preventing damage.

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