Six Month Braces Option in Encino:

Powerprox is a highly advanced orthodontic treatment system that uses a time-tested method to align the teeth in their orthodontically right positions. The orthodontic aligner system makes use of a unique set of brackets and wires that help to obtain the expected results in quick time.

Advanced shape memory wire

Shape memory wire is used in Powerprox braces instead of the traditional metal wires. These wires retain their shape no matter how they are bent, deformed or twisted. Hence, the forces applied on the teeth will always be constant, which helps to move them gradually. Also, in case the wires get deformed due to the forces applied while biting and chewing food, they would get back to shape by themselves and carry on with their function.

Don’t worry about your oral aesthetics

Getting braces can put patients in ambiguity as it can sometimes be a necessary evil. Though you want to get your teeth aligned, you may fear that the oral aesthetics would be ruined due to the metallic braces. However, with Powerprox braces, there is no such concern. These braces are made from a clear plastic or tooth-colored ceramic. Even the wires are discrete and wouldn’t look like the traditional metal wires used for regular braces.

With Powerprox braces, you can get the smile of your dreams in as less as six months. All this comes at minimal discomfort and pleasing oral aesthetics during the treatment period.

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