Before and After Photos – Smile Gallery

There are several methods you can use to straighten your teeth, and we offer the least invasive ways available on the market today. Six-Month Smiles is a great, fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional metal braces that targets your teeth’s specific problem areas and gently shifts them into the desired place. This treatment usually ends in as little as six months, costs far less and provides you the ability to eat and maintain good dental hygiene with very little oral irritation. Six-Month Smiles also match the color of your teeth and are rarely noticeable.

The other treatment we offer is Invisalign or Clear Correct, a popular teeth-straightening treatment that employs the use of clear plastic aligners instead of standard braces. The aligners are removable, nearly invisible and, much like Six-Month Smiles, target specific areas of your mouth for more accurate straightening results. Eating and brushing are also a breeze during the course of this treatment.