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Covid-19: Patient Appointment Protocol

Welcome back to Daniel Tebbi DMD cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics. 

Thank you for your years of loyalty and trusting Us in providing your dental care

In light of the recent Quarantine and Coronavirus epidemic 

We have implemented a number of special safety measures and protocols in order to protect our staff and you our patient and we would like to go over each of those protocols with you. 

A member of our team will contact the patient two days prior to the scheduled appointment to review and go over covid-19 screening questions and details on our extended safety measures. 

Patients will be asked to arrive to the office wearing a face masks they will also be asked to use the bathroom and brush their teeth prior to their arrival. Additionally

They are asked to minimize bringing any personal belonging such as books, bags etc.

In order to reduce cross-contamination we have removed magazine books water and coffee stations from the waiting room. 

In order to practice social distancing we will limit Waiting room and restroom use. 

When patients arrived for their appointment they’re asked to remain in their car and call the office for check in. 

Once they check in, patients will be asked to sanitize their hands and they will be given a pair of latex-free gloves and sign a covid-19 consent form. Then

They’ll have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer and using a pulse Oximeter to measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation prior to being escorted to the designated Dental operatory. 

Once the patient is seated they will be asked to keep their face mask on until the time of the procedure. Once the clinical staff and the dental provider are ready with personal protection equipment the patient will be asked to remove the mask and place it within their pocket or bag.

Patients will be asked to rinse their mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution for 60 seconds. 

They will then be asked to dispose of the solution into a chair side cuspidor or in some cases a low-speed suction will be used to expel the solution. 

Once the treatment is complete the patient will place their personal mask back on. 

Clinical coordinator will assist patients in scheduling follow-up appointments patients will be asked to use the hand sanitizer prior to leaving the treatment room. 

Patients will then be escorted to the front desk to take care of any account balances. 

We will continue to accept both cash and checks. the credit card payment is the preferred method of payment as it can be contact less. 

Although we love to spent the time with all of our patients we are making every effort to reduce the amount of time you spend within our office for the best safety practices and social distancing.

As recommended by the CDC to ensure both the patients and staff safety a member of our team will contact the patient within 48 hours from their office visit to once again review covid-19 screening

Your safety and health remain our top priority our team has been trained on the new safety measures regarding infection control guidelines and sterilization protocols outlined by the CDC and ADA. 

Thank you again for trusting us with your dental care.

Additional Safety Measure Implementation

Since day one of this crisis we have been working towards this day of opening up our practice again. I want to review the four main steps that we have taken to ensure your safety and your continuing Dental Care.

1)   First of all we will be using hypochlorous acid also known as Electrolyzed Water it’s a very safe and effective way to disinfect the entire office multiple times a day. Electrolyzed Water is a powerful oxidant that is effective against invading bacteria fungi and viruses. it is 80 times more efficient at killing microbial pathogens and chlorine bleach.

2)   Our second implementation is the Ultraviolet radiation. The UV radiation is in the 200 to 300 nanometer range and known to destroy the virus, making the virus incapable of reproducing and infecting and they are capable of killing bacteria and viruses also called pathogens. These systems will be in each and every treatment room.

3)   Our third implementation is an extra oral suction machine. This will take care of the aerosol that’s generated during our dental procedures. The extra-oral suction removes these aerosols to prevent cross-infection between the doctor and assistant and the patients. Providing a clear, dry and clean environment.  

4)   Our fourth implementation is Ozone generator. When bacteria or viruses meet ozone, oxidation reactions occur and both are destroyed. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen, which makes it environment friendly.

Thank you for your years of loyalty and trusting us in providing your dental care.