Dentists from all over the world agree to the fact that early orthodontic treatment is especially helpful in treating malocclusion as the biological adaptability of children is higher compared to adults. The Myobrace system of orthodontics does just this. It is mainly used to treat malocclusion in children and teenagers between the ages of five and fifteen.

What is the Myobrace system?

The Myobrace system, in fact, doesn’t make use of orthodontic appliances such as braces or clear aligners. Instead, the treatment looks into the underlying causes of the malocclusion and addresses them. Getting rid of these issues can bring a change in the alignment of the teeth and give the child a perfectly aligned set of teeth for life.

The functioning of Myobrace system

During the initial diagnosis, we would determine the cause of malocclusion. In most cases, it is either due to heredity, troubled growth of the jawbone and teeth, or certain undesirable forces that change the alignment of the teeth. Based on the observations, we would suggest suitable dental appliances that should be worn as recommended. These appliances would be removable and will have to be worn for 1 to 2 hours every day.

Along with aligning the teeth, we would look into other factors such as mouth breathing, sleep apnea, interference of the tongue, thumb sucking, reverse swallowing, teeth grinding, etc. All these affecting factors would be treated as well.

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