The Inman aligner is a widely used orthodontic appliance mainly to treat a malocclusion involving the frontal teeth. It can treat issues such as protrusion and crowding of the frontal teeth, making it a simple and effective orthodontic solution. In comparison to other orthodontic appliances, it is quite safe, produces results in a shorter span of time, and is affordable.

Why should you choose Inman aligner?

  • Inman aligners would be the perfect solution to treat a mild form of malocclusion, such as the crowding of frontal teeth. Getting conventional braces for this purpose would require a bigger financial investment and would prolong the treatment period.
  • Frequent follow-up visits to the dentist’s office wouldn’t be required. A visit once every 2 to 3 weeks would suffice.
  • The comfort and fit of the aligner would be perfect as a highly precise mold will be taken to fabricate it. The aligner is removable. You can take it off whenever you have to eat, brush, or while attending social gatherings. However, you will have to wear them for 16 to 20 hours every day to achieve the desired results.
  • The entire treatment would be completed with a period of 6 to 18 weeks, depending on the severity of the malocclusion.

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