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FAQs Regarding Biocompatible, Alternative, Mercury Free, Holistic Dentistry

What is biological dentistry?

With the rising use of metal implants and other dental prosthetics, biological dentists devote themselves to research on recognizing and understanding the impact toxic materials can have on a patient’s dental and physiological health.

What is the impact of Mercury in dentistry?

Seldom do people realize that the silver amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. Dental fillings are known to contain as much as mercury as thermometers do. The metal mercury is known to vaporize at room temperature. If inhaled into the bloodstream, it can cause serious damage to the bodily tissues. In a recent study conducted by the WHO, dental fillings are known to contribute more amount of mercury into a person’s body than any other source.

Are there any health risks associated with exposure to mercury?

Due to its toxicity, medical and scientific researches have now put a ban on the use of mercury in health products.

Is it advisable to remove mercury fillings?

IAMOT certainly advises having mercury fillings removed, as, with the course of time, the patient would tend to unconsciously absorb little amounts of mercury into the bloodstream. Detection of mercury in the fetus or in an infant would have a direct correlation with the mother’s dental fillings. In such cases, the child would turn out to experience learning disabilities and other issues.

Where can I find a dentist trained in these techniques?

Dr. Tebbi is a member of the IAOMT, a group of dentists, physicians and researchers involved in peer-reviewed scientific research, education and the promotion of biological dentistry. The IAOMT encourages the use of biocompatible materials and the development of appropriate protocols to ensure whole-body patient health. The tenets of good dental practice should be based on peer-reviewed research – not on conventional wisdom. Most importantly, the materials and procedures used in dentistry should not adversely affect the rest of the body.

*Accredited Members – Accreditation by the IAOMT indicates that a member has been trained and tested in the basics of biocompatible dentistry, including current methods for safe removal of dental amalgam.

* Information from the IAOMT-International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology