Dental emergencies can be quite traumatizing and can strike you all of a sudden. Most of us would just panic in such situations, which isn’t the right way to go about it. Instead, we suggest you get immediate attention from a dentist so that the condition can be assessed as soon as possible and treated in the right way.

Common dental emergencies

  • Broken/chipped tooth: External trauma to the mouth could result in a broken or a partially chipped tooth. This condition could result in the exposure of the pulp and the inner layers of the tooth to the microbes in the mouth. More importantly, it would be highly painful and could lead to bleeding and swelling. Hence, avoid touching the tooth, rinse it off with clean water, apply a cold pack near the injured area, and get to a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Avulsed tooth: Sometimes, the impact on the mouth due to external trauma could be so devastating that the tooth could get completely uprooted. In such a situation, find the tooth, clean it using water and try to keep it safe in a glass of milk. Avoid holding the tooth near the root as it could get contaminated. With regard to the wound, bite into a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding and apply a cold pack to reduce swelling. Getting to a dentist immediately could help you save the tooth.
  • Injury to the soft tissues: A bad fall, a sports-related injury, or an injury due to an orthodontic appliance could cause inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth. A cut or a bruise could cause a lot of bleeding and allow the microbes to enter the bloodstream. Control the bleeding by biting into a piece of gauze and apply pressure on the injured area.

In case of dental emergencies, call us at (818) 789-2034 and Dr. Tebbi would offer immediate dental assistance.