The aesthetics of one’s smile and oral features is just as important as the functionality of the mouth. Certain issues with regard to the mouth, such as dental arch development, affect both the aesthetics and functionality of the oral cavity. It can alter the facial shape, lead to a malocclusion, and even incite pains in the jaws, facial muscles, TMJ, neck, and shoulders.

What is arch development?

Arch development is a treatment method that is used to alter the shape and size of the dental arch. A smaller dental arch could lead to various issues such as crowding of teeth, lack of space for the permanent teeth to emerge, difficulty in biting food, breathing issues, etc. Arch development appliances help to increase the length and width of the dental arch, thereby creating space for the teeth to be aligned perfectly.

We mainly use palatal expanders for this purpose. The appliance can be customized to match the contour of the palate, thereby offering perfect fit and comfort. It would apply pressure on the molars in a gentle and controlled way, thereby gradually widening the palate. The pressure applied on the molars can be varied by tightening or loosening the appliance.

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