Keeping the teeth healthy and in ideal shape is easier said than done. Various factors could affect oral health as well as the aesthetics of the smile. One such behavioral factor is bruxism. Bruxism, in simple terms, is night-time teeth grinding that happens subconsciously. It can lead to complications such as wear of the teeth, pain in the jaws, etc.

How can you determine the presence of bruxism?

  • Certain physical signs could indicate the presence of bruxism. Some of them are as follows:
  • Shortening of the teeth as a result of excessive wear.
  • Presence of grain-like particles in the mouth as soon as you wake up. This is nothing but the worn-out particles from the teeth.
  • Pain in the jaws and TMJ due to excessive stresses applied to them.
  • Persistent headaches, especially as soon as you wake up due to all the teeth grinding during sleep.
  • Inability to bite food properly due to the worn-out tooth surfaces.
  • Short pauses in breathing during sleep, which can be noticed by your bedmate.

What is the best treatment solution to bruxism?

A few changes to one’s everyday behavior can provide significant relief from bruxism. Mainly, the patient has to prevent excessive stresses from being applied on the jaws and joints of the face. Sleeping in a comfortable position, avoiding chewing tobacco, gum or pen caps, avoiding the consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes, etc. can reduce the severity of bruxism.

When it comes to professional help, we can provide you with a nighttime bruxism guard. It is a custom-fabricated night guard made from dental-grade plastic material and is particularly used in the treatment of bruxism. The patient can simply wear it before going to sleep and the guard would do its work. It prevents the contact between the teeth from the upper and lower jaws, thereby completely nullifying the chances of teeth grinding.

The mouth guard itself would be perfect in fit and comfort. Since it is fabricated to precision according to the contour of the teeth, it wouldn’t cause any discomfort when you wear it. Also, it wouldn’t apply any unwanted stresses on the jaws.

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