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Sleep apnea and snoring can sometimes become so severe that medication and oral appliances wouldn’t suffice. Despite taking medication and using oral appliances, such as the mandibular advancement device, sleep apnea, and snoring could persist. What’s even worse is that it could become more severe with time.

In such cases, the dentist would suggest surgical means of getting rid of the condition, especially when the muscles and bones aren’t aligned in an orthodontically right way. The goal of performing surgery is to prevent blockage of the airway and to allow you to sleep uninterrupted.

UPPP surgery

UPPP stands for Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. It is performed when the dentist determines a significant blockage in the throat due to excessive growth of tissues. During the surgery, the dentist administers general anesthesia and removes the tissues that are blocking the airway. The tonsils and adenoids may also be removed during this. It is quite popular as a treatment method to reduce snoring, but not preferred for patients who suffer from sleep apnea.


Tracheostomy is performed when the condition of sleep apnea is so severe that it could turn life-threatening. Patients with severe sleep apnea could find it very difficult to sleep due to the persistent collapse of the tissues from the throat. The dentist makes a precise opening in the neck through which a pipe would be inserted. Instead of breathing through the nose or mouth, you would be inhaling and exhaling through this pipe. The pipe can be kept covered during the daytime as you wouldn’t require any breathing aid.

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