Myofunctional orthodontics grants patients the luxury of getting malocclusion treated at an early age without having to use dental braces. A huge number of children are affected by malocclusion every year, which has driven up the need for orthodontic treatment without the use of dental braces. This is where Myofunctional orthodontics comes into the picture.

Significance of Myofunctional orthodontics

Myofunctional orthodontics addresses the underlying issues that lead to a malocclusion. The role of soft tissue dysfunction in critical in this regard. The connection between the soft tissues of the mouth, teeth, jaws, TMJ, etc. will be diagnosed to determine the exact cause of the malocclusion. Based on the observations and other issues with the oral cavity, such as teeth grinding, mouth breathing, sleep apnea, etc., a customized treatment solution will be recommended.

The orthodontic appliances will have to be worn for a certain duration every day in order to bring about a change in the alignment of the teeth. Since the biological adaptability of children is better than that of older individuals, the teeth can be moved easily. Also, the chances of relapse would be reduced. The best part of Myofunctional orthodontics is that the patient’s facial symmetry can be altered for good and not just the alignment of the teeth.

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