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Periodontitis is, by far, the most devastating gum diseases. It can affect the overall oral health of a person and also lead to health concerns related to the heart, lungs and other organs of the body. Hence, we offer a comprehensive treatment solution in the form of an oral appliance called ‘Perio protect’.

Causes and symptoms of periodontitis

Periodontitis is majorly caused due to the plaque and tartar deposits on the surfaces of the teeth and roots. The microbes in the tartar deposits release harmful acids that lead to the decay of the gum tissues. It also leads to cavities and can upset the entire oral health of a person. Some of the symptoms of periodontitis are:

Bleeding of gums

  • Release of pus from the infected gums and formation of an abscess
  • The decay of gum tissues, making them look too red and inflamed
  • Jawbone deterioration and loosening of the teeth from the sockets
  • Accumulation of microbes in the gum pockets

How does perio protect help?

The best way to treat periodontitis is by getting rid of the plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth surfaces and placing medication near the gum pockets. Scaling and root planing are used to remove tartar deposits. But, when it comes to placing medication, the saliva in the mouth and the crevicular flow near the gum pockets could gradually wash away the medication. This is where perio protect comes in handy.

Perio protect is a mouthguard-like oral appliance that fits perfectly on the teeth. It helps to keep the medication in place and prevents it from being washed away due to the crevicular flow, which actually increases due to microbial deposition in the gum pockets. This way, the medication would be in contact with the infected gum tissues for a significantly longer time.

You can easily place the medication near the gum pockets and put the perio protect on. While doing so, you can carry on with your daily activities without having to worry about the appliance. It offers excellent fit and is made from dental-grade plastic, thereby avoiding inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth.

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