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The root canal is a central cavity that every tooth houses. It runs all the way from the tip of the root to the crown and contains the pulp. The pulp is comprised of the nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for the sensation and nourishment of the tooth. The microbes in the mouth can sometimes gain access to the root canal cavity and infect the pulp, resulting in a condition called the root canal infection.

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What causes a root canal infection?

  • The main cause of a root canal infection is the plaque and tartar accumulation on the surface of the teeth. The microbes in these deposits can cause cavities. When the cavities are left untreated for a long time, they can advance to the deeper layers of the teeth and infect the root canal.
  • External trauma to the teeth can crack or break the teeth. This allows the microbes in the mouth to reach the root canal and cause an infection.
  • Sometimes, gum diseases also lead to a root canal infection. The microbes from the gums get deposited in the deep gum pockets and infect the nearby jawbone and teeth as well.

Symptoms of root canal infection

  • Release of pus and formation of an abscess
  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Hypersensitivity in the tooth that is infected
  • Feeling of numbness whenever you bite and chew food
  • Extreme pain near the infected tooth when you brush the teeth or chew food
  • Jawbone deterioration and loosening of the tooth from the socket

How can a root canal infection be treated?

The best way to treat a root canal infection is through root canal therapy. It is popularly known as the last resort method of saving a badly infected tooth. During the initial screening, the dentist would conduct a thorough diagnosis of the condition of the tooth. Based on the observations, the candidacy for the root canal therapy will be determined.

During the procedure, local anesthesia will be administered in order to numb the gums, teeth and the jawbone. A small access hole will be made on the tooth through which dental files of different sizes will be inserted. The pulp will be removed carefully and the walls of the root canal cavity will be scrubbed thoroughly. A jet of water will be used to wash away the debris and the microbes from the tooth. Finally, medication will be placed in the root canal cavity and filling material may be applied to close the hole.


Since the pulp is removed from the tooth, it would be deprived of the nourishment. Hence, chances run high for the tooth to crumble or crack under high stresses. To prevent this, the dentist would place a restoration over it. Usually, we use a crown to restore such a tooth. The crown would hold the tooth intact and prevent it from failing.

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