An emergency can be any dental issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Sometimes, patients don’t realize they have an emergency until it’s too late. At Daniel Tebbi, D.M.D, we offer emergency dental services. We also serve areas including Sherman Oaks 91403, 91495, 91423, Studio City 91604, Van Nuys 91436, 91411, and Reseda 91335. We can usually address your dental concern on the same day.

Here are some most common dental emergencies we come across:


An aching tooth is typically a sign of a cavity but can also be a sign of gum disease. It’s also possible that the aching tooth is a symptom of something more serious, like an infected tooth or an abscessed tooth. If you start having tooth pain, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.


An abscess, or infected tooth, is a cavity that forms between the tooth and the gums. In addition to pain, you may notice a bad taste in your mouth or warm or cold sensitivity when you drink or eat. Untreated abscesses can result in tooth loss.

If you have a dental abscess, our dentist in Encino can clean the area and prescribe antibiotics to fight the infection. If the infection does not clear up with antibiotics, you may need to have a root canal, in which the infected tooth pulp is removed.

Broken, Chipped, or Knocked-out Tooth

If a tooth has sustained a chip, crack, or other minor damage, a crown or filling can repair the tooth. If the tooth is structurally compromised, a dental intervention will be necessary.

If a tooth is knocked out, place it back in milk or salt water to keep it moist until you can see your dentist. The dental team may be able to replace the tooth permanently.

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is an injury from an unexpected blow or impact to the face and/or mouth. It most commonly occurs when playing sports or during a car accident, motorcycle accident, or bike accident. Facial trauma can also occur when falling and hitting one’s face or getting punched in the face.

The most common injuries include lacerations, broken bones, and fractures. Some injuries are minor and cause only minor pain, but others are severe, causing severe bleeding and swelling.

The treatment for facial trauma depends on the severity of the injury. For minor injuries, the dentist may advise waiting and watching to see if the injury heals on its own. For more serious injuries, the dentist may perform dental surgery.


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