Orthodontic treatments often go beyond an improved bite and straighter teeth. They significantly improve an individual’s overall self-image. While having beautiful straight teeth is vital, preventing any possible health problems associated with oral structures is also necessary. Orthodontic untreated problems can lead to chewing difficulties, speech impairments, and abnormal wear of tooth surfaces. In due course, excessive strain on the supporting structures of the teeth can affect the jaw joints causing problems like headaches or face and neck pain.

Orthodontics for Kids

We assess children around age seven to detect problematic orthodontic dental conditions early on. Early detection prevents further dental problems and reduces the need for severe measures, such as a surgery.

At our practice, we take a conservative approach toward children’s orthodontics. After the child’s first visit, we will monitor them every six months. Orthodontics for children will help guide the developing jaw to enforce a correct aligned structure for a full mouth of straight, healthy adult teeth to emerge. When the time is right, different treatments, including braces or other orthodontic appliances, will manage the width of your child’s jaw and the roof of their mouth, allowing sufficient room for the growth of the permanent teeth.

Proper orthodontic care can drastically reduce or eliminate the potential speech and swallowing disorders connected to childhood oral conditions. Preventing destructive habits harmful to a child’s dental structure, such as thumb-sucking and pacifier use, or reversing the damage that these habits have already caused with customized orthodontic treatments will extend a healthy and sparkling smile for your child years to come.

Orthodontics for Teens

Adult teeth are growing into position in the teen years with the possibility of developing various problematic conditions. Orthodontic issues such as improper bites, spacing between teeth, and crowded teeth are common conditions we correct in teens. Generally, wisdom teeth emerge between sixteen and twenty-one and may require immediate orthodontic attention if these foundational teeth grow crooked or misaligned.

Our goal is to correct dental conditions in their initial stages. We offer various treatment options for teens, including different forms of braces–traditional metal, ceramic or lingual braces, clear Invisalign® Teen braces, and more. Oral appliances, such as retainers, spacers, and separators, are also available depending on the cause of your teen’s specific needs.

Orthodontics for Adults

If orthodontic care was not given priority in the growing years, adults might experience oral conditions, like improper bites, crowded or spaced teeth, etc. When permanent teeth have settled, chronic conditions require additional care. Bone loss may begin due to gum diseases and general aging, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Regular orthodontic screenings and efficient dental hygiene are critical for preventing further decline and unpleasant conditions. Different braces are available for adults, including traditional braces and clear Invisalign® braces, generally preferred for those favoring more discreet treatment.

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