Sugar is delicious, sweet, and addictive! And most of us love consuming sugary sweets. But do you know, sugar is your teeth’s worst enemy, and consuming too much sugar can adversely affect your teeth?

Sugar is present in several of the food products that we eat in one form or another. So, it is not easily possible to avoid its consumption altogether. In our blog, we will give you an overview of how sugar affects your teeth and help you with a few tips on how to take good care of your teeth while enjoying some of your favorite foods.

How Sugar Affects Your Teeth?

Sugar is known to be the chief food source of plaque, which causes tooth decay and cavities. Consumption of foods and drinks containing sugars causes the bacteria present in plaque to produce harmful acids that attack the tooth enamel, ultimately leading to tooth decay.

How to fight the negative impact of sugar on dental health? 

Now that you have understood how sugar can lead to tooth decay and harm your overall dental health, here are a few tips from the Encino, CA dentist to lessen the damage caused by sugar consumption!

  • Milk can help 

Magnesium present in the milk we consume is known to enhance our sensitivity to insulin, thus supporting our cells in eliminating sugar from the body. As per the Journal of the American Dental Association, taking milk after eating sugary dishes can lessen the damage done by the sugar to the teeth.

  • Shop wisely

While purchasing groceries, read its labels, check the ingredient list, and shop wisely, keeping in mind the impact of sugar on dental health. Knowing the quantity of sugar present in various food items can help one to plan what they eat and how much they eat.

  • Reduce the intake of sweets

The best method to prevent or reduce sugar from harming one’s teeth is by avoiding sweets, candies, cookies, and other sugar-heavy snacks. If you have a sweet tooth, consider sugar-free substitutes like sugar-free peanut butter, natural yogurt, etc.

  • Follow good oral hygiene habits.

As our Encino, CA dentist always emphasizes, never skip proper brushing and flossing to maintain oral and dental health. Following oral hygiene habits religiously can help remove plaque and bacteria found on the teeth, thus lessening the adverse impacts of sugar and lactic acid.

  • Never skip your dental appointments.

Last but not least, never skip your regular dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings at your Encino, CA dental office at least twice every year to maintain better dental health.

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